Native Habitats

We participate in & support efforts to restore & preserve native ecosystems (urban, suburban & wild) ....for the sake of restoring ecological process and biodiversity; & allowing native species, both flora and fauna, to survive and thrive.

Our Mission Statement

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                                    Cats & Wildlife                            Wilderness
                                    Conservation Biology                   Wildlife 
                                    Feeding Wildlife...Not!                 For Kids 
                                    Gardening with native plants         Who We Are & What We Do
                                    Habitat restoration                         
                                    Invasive Species                             
                                    Native Plant Resources                 Dedication

Contact us via email at: info (at) nativehabitats (dot) org

or write to: Native Habitats, 17287 Skyline Blvd #102, Woodside, CA 94062-3780

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