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The Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (Under construction with bi-weekly updates)
Transcripts of seminars; Fact Sheets, Fauna information, Regional News from around Australia ,
Regional Weed lists (under development); including a help section in which you can ask those difficult
Restoration Ecology) questions

Australian Native Plants Information
A page devoted to unique Western Australian plants, excursions, etc. Links to other
areas of Australia and the native plants of other nations.

Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers (ATCV)
Head Office (there are several state/territory offices)
15 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat Vic 3353
Phone: 61 3 5333 1483                Fax: 61 3 5333 2290
The mission of ATCV is...."To attract and manage a force of volunteers in practical conservation projects for the betterment of the Australian environment." Projects include tree planting, erosion and salinity control, collecting seeds of indigenous plants, building and maintaining bush walking tracks, restoring historic buildings, endangered flora & fauna protection surveys, habitat restoration and Noxious weed eradication

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