Bats -- Conservation, Education & Rehabilitation

(this page updated November 21, 2005)

Bats are critical elements of healthy ecosystems...for seed dispersal, pollination, insect control and more. They are threatened by habitat loss, myth-mongering, misrepresentation in the media, vandalism and fear.  

Bats do not get in your hair and they are not blind! Children and adults have a lot of fun learning more about bats...and what you discover about bats will likely surprise and delight you.
 Please check here again for more information.  Please also share any information you have about bats, using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Bat Conservation International (BCI)


Bat Links courtesy of BCI
Includes health issues, exclusion information, etc.

Bat Conservation Trust - London, England
London, England
"We aim to stop further declines in bat populations and aid the recovery of threatened species"
Lots of useful information regarding habitat, dispelling myths, links to other resources, etc.

Bat Rescue of Southern California
(Santa Barbara County to Mexican border)
Web: (includes links to others)

California Bat Conservation Fund
(Mobile presentations with live bats & slide shows)

Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC)

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