Who we are and what we do...

The mission of Native Habitats is to participate in and support efforts to restore and preserve native ecosystems (urban, suburban & wild) ....for the sake of restoring ecological process and biodiversity; and allowing native species, both flora and fauna, to survive and thrive.

One of our founding principles is that biodiversity and wild nature is much more than "big places with big views". Biodiversity may be found - and restored & preserved - in urban, suburban and wild areas. Indeed, as population pressures increase, providing niches for native species in unprotected areas - including cities and neighborhoods - has become critical.

Native Habitats was started several years ago by a few people with a lifelong devotion to nature and conservation … who noticed an "information gap" between much of the good science-based conservation work being done, and the lay public - including potential activists and volunteers. We decided to focus considerably on helping distribute information about the efforts of other ecology-based organizations and agencies. There is no fee and "no strings attached". Our main vehicle for communication is our website, which is widely referenced by entities & individuals, and via email. We also distribute flyers and notices at various public meetings, ecological forums, agency meetings and so forth.

And … we devote considerable time to hands-on volunteer habitat projects on public lands, as well as to our private nature preserve.

Project leaders, conference organizers and others are invited to send the information about their efforts (or links to their information - preferred) via the contact information that is shown on all pages of this website.

Native Habitats is based on the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains in north California , United States ... amidst oak, madrone, Douglas fir and a plethora of other native plants including open grassland and chaparral.  The region is home to many native fauna species from mountain lions to banana slugs and bobcats to tarantulas...and several species of birds. There are also invasive non-native plants in the grassland habitat, providing ample opportunity to test various eradication techniques!

Our organizational structure is informal and our web site is intentionally austere (so you can find information quickly!).  Founding Director Georgia Stigall (georgia at nativehabitats dot org) has a professional background in management & communication in both private and non-profit sectors. Other principals include Consuelo Evans (horticulture; CreeksideG@aol.com), Kristine Malouf (editorial review), Mike Painter (various expertise; www.caluwild.org) and Bill Prince (technical wizard & restoration volunteer). Others bring credentialed scientific expertise and other skills to our collective effort as needed.

* ecological resources include wildlife, botanical, conservation biology (& other) organizations, agencies, professionals and individuals.

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"Sentiment without action...is the ruin of the soul"
(Edward Abbey)

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